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Overview View (PDF 1.14Mb)

Operating and financial review

Operating and Financial Review View (PDF 2.74Mb)


Role of the Board View (PDF 77kb)
Board in action View (PDF 300kb)
Audit Committee report View (PDF 103kb)
Directors' remuneration report View (PDF 500kb)
Independent remuneration report review View (PDF 30kb)
Directors' report View (PDF 170kb)
Statement of directors' responsibilities View (PDF 27kb)

Financial statements

Responsibility statement     View (PDF 40Kb)
Independent auditor's report to the members of Anglo American plc     View (PDF 39Kb)
Principal statements        
Consolidated income statement View Online View (Excel 41Kb) (PDF 53Kb)
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income View Online View (Excel 24Kb) (PDF 53Kb)
Consolidated balance sheet View Online View (Excel 34Kb) (PDF 59Kb)
Consolidated cash flow statement View Online View (Excel 35Kb) (PDF 58Kb)
Consolidated statement of changes in equity   View (Excel 35Kb) (PDF 59Kb)
Notes to the financial statements   View   (PDF 486Kb)
Financial statements   View   (PDF 522Kb)

Notes to the financial statements 1 – 11

1 Accounting policies
2 Segmental information
3 Operating profit from subsidiaries and joint ventures
4 Operating profit and underlying earnings by segment
5 Special items and remeasurements
7 Exploration expenditure
8 Employee numbers and costs
9 Net finance income/(costs)
10 Financial instrument gains and losses
11 Income tax expense
Notes to the financial statements 1 – 11 View (PDF 704Kb)

Notes to the financial statements 12 – 19

12 Dividends
13 Earnings per share
14 Intangible assets
15 Property, plant and equipment
16 Environmental rehabilitation trusts
17 Investments in associates
18 Joint ventures
19 Financial asset investments
Notes to the financial statements 12 – 19 View (PDF 214Kb)

Notes to the financial statements 20 – 28

20 Inventories
21 Trade and other receivables
22 Trade and other payables
23 Financial assets
24 Financial liabilities
25 Financial risk management and derivative financial assets/liabilities
26 Provisions for liabilities and charges
27 Deferred tax
28 Retirement benefits
Notes to the financial statements 20 – 28 View (PDF 644Kb)

Notes to the financial statements 29 – 39

29 Called-up share capital and share-based payments
30 Consolidated equity analysis
31 Consolidated cash flow analysis
32 Disposals of subsidiaries and joint ventures
33 Disposal groups and non-current assets held for sale
34 Contingent liabilities
35 Commitments
36 Related party transactions
37 Group companies
38 Events occurring after end of year
39 Financial statements of the parent company
Notes to the financial statements 29 – 39 View (PDF 523Kb)

Ore Reserves and Mineral Resources estimates

Introduction View (PDF 65Kb)
Summary View (PDF 119Kb)
Iron Ore View (PDF 268Kb)
Manganese View (PDF 414Kb)
Coal View (PDF 363Kb)
Copper View (PDF 150Kb)
Nickel View (PDF 65Kb)
Platinum View (PDF 65Kb)
Phosphate products View (PDF 45Kb)
Niobium View (PDF 40Kb)
Definitions View (PDF 37Kb)
Glossary View (PDF 37Kb)

Other information

Production statistics View (PDF 69Kb)
Exchange rates and commodity prices View (PDF 50Kb)
Summary by business operation View (PDF 54Kb)
Key financial data View (PDF 63Kb)
Reconciliation of subsidiaries' and associate's reported earnings
to the underlying earnings included in the consolidated financial statements
View (PDF 50Kb)
The business – an overview View (PDF 59Kb)
Shareholder information View (PDF 50Kb)
Other Anglo American publications View (PDF 425Kb)
Other information View (PDF 1.00Mb)

Complete Annual Report 2011

Complete Annual Report 2011 View (PDF 6.80Mb)