Operating profit
(2010: $9.8 bn)


Underlying earnings
(2010: $5.0 bn)


Underlying earnings
per share
(2010: $4.13)

What it takes:

Strong performance

Dividends per share Capital expenditure Net debt

Operating profit includes attributable share of associates' operating profit (before attributable share of associates' interest, tax, and non-controlling interests) and is before special items and remeasurements, unless otherwise stated. See notes 2 and 4 to the financial statements for operating profit. For definition of special items and remeasurements, see note 5 to the financial statements. See note 13 to the financial statements for the basis of calculation of underlying earnings.

'Tonnes' are metric tons, 'Mt' denotes million tonnes, 'kt' denotes thousand tonnes and 'koz' denotes thousand ounces; '$' and 'dollars' denote US dollars and 'cents' denotes US cents.

Net debt includes related hedges and net debt in disposal groups. See note 31 to the financial statements.